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a word from jewellery designer KATHLEEN HOLLAND

22 Sep a word from jewellery designer KATHLEEN HOLLAND

I have always, for as long as I can remember tinkered with “stuff”. As  a child, I rummaged through old drawers to find things to put together and make more “stuff”.

Its little wonder that I went to Art College to study Fine Art, and Later Jewellery and Metalwork. I find it both therapeutic and so fulfilling.

I work from home and have a simple but well stocked studio. Design is my first love, and learning new techniques along with problem solving is a challenge I enjoy. My typical day involves a large amount of parenting, and I start in the studio around ten until two, five days a week.

One of my favourite pieces was a piece I created for Writer David Mitchell, to house a manuscript that he wrote ,which will be on display in a Norwegian Museum for the next Hundred years as part of and Art project.

One of the most inspiring Designers for me has been a San Francisco based Jeweller named Betsy Barron, with whom I have worked  in the late Nineties. Her work and attitude were both admirable, and I learned so much from her.

One of the most important events of my career was being selected as runner up in the Golden Fleece Award when I started out in 2002 with my Lifebuoy pillboxes This recognition provided me with confidence and reassured me that this was the career for me..

My career dream  for the future is to continue as is and always try to improve on what I have done.I want to make new designs that excite and inspire me as I continue on this journey I started a long time ago.

My words of wisdom are simple , ‘Be thankful, have a laugh and spread good Karma.’ I’m not sure if they are wise or foolish , but its a start. View Kathleen’s jewellery here


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