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A few of my favourite things … Julia Roxburgh ceramic artist

30 Jul A few of my favourite things … Julia Roxburgh ceramic artist

My favourite food is Egg Florentine and for dessert, Eves Pudding with cream.

I am a Synaesthesiac ( a neurological condition in which two or more of the five senses normally experienced separately are involuntarily joined) and therefore I see a lot of words as colours. Yellow is my favourite colour and Wednesday is yellow so I’m always happy when my birthday falls on a Wednesday. Julia is also yellow as are a lot of words beginning with J. It was a relief when I discovered there was a condition called Synaesthesia. I remember as a young child asking my mum what colour her days were, I didn’t get an answer!

My favourite song is White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane and my favourite book is of course Alice in Wonderland.  It is my ambition to one day get a marvellous commission to decorate the Mad Hatters tea party table.

My favourite film is Jungle Book and favourite animal at the moment would have to be Bumper my dog. Elephants however are a close second but wouldn’t fit in my house. What do I love? I love Italy and Spain, I love morning walks with my dog, swimming and reading a good thriller, going to the Russian Circus and I love the theatre.

It was not my ambition to be an artist, I was dead set on being the Queen!! Later I wanted to be on stage, but making mud pies/ceramics just came out of the blue. I dream that I would be to be able to make my mud pies till I shuffle off to the next life.

I work every day and weekends if I am extremely busy. I work in a building full of artists, we each have our own studio so I work alone but we all get along well. My studio is a cross between Aladdin’s Cave and a mess!

The best thing I have ever created is my son, I have not made the best pot yet, not sure if I will and I don’t have any words of wisdom, apart from… if you love doing something then do it and just keep going.

View my work here: Julia Roxburgh


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