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My Background

I was blessed to grow up in Northern Ireland in the Sixties with parents who embraced all the wonderful freedom and creativity that era had to offer. It was a time of great change especially in the Applied Arts. My mother designed clothes and opened one of the first fashion boutiques in Northern Ireland …’ The Boutique’. My father designed furniture and later specialized in kitchen design.

It was inevitable I would grow to have a passion for interior design and all that is beautiful in the home.

I now live in a beautiful split level, many windowed house set in verdant countryside close to the heritage town of Ramelton, northwest Ireland. I have always believed that the home should amply reflect the personalities and lifestyles of its occupants and am happy that I have achieved this.

Dreaming of the dream-home

So many of us have browsed through the glossy pages of magazines portraying stunning homes, bedrooms to drool over, moody garden rooms and beautiful kitchens that are totally functional. In recent years this area has grown hugely thanks to online sites such as Pinterest. We are voyeurs, catching a glimpse into the homes of stylish people.

The bottom line is that we all want to have a dream home or rather the home of our dreams. What we don’t realize is that this is so very achievable with a little imagination and effort and not necessarily a lot of money. I have found that by listening and merely facilitating people, it is quite clear what the mood and atmosphere is that they are after. This is the foundation upon which we can begin to build on a project.

From dream to realisation

Over the years I have been involved in many design projects and time after time It is the gap between the dream and the realization that we need to bridge and with a little help it can be achieved every time. There are wonderful homes out there with so much potential. With guidance and focus they can morph into the wonderful home we all hope for. There are all sorts of requirements when it comes to creating the home of our dreams, from a quick fix to combine a functional comfortable space with a relaxing and luxurious slant to those who want to recreate the mood of a balmy Tuscan or Moroccan atmosphere. Some are after simple clean lines with a neutral tone and others prefer rich heavy patterns with lush soft furnishings. Some have to consider the requirements of young children or boisterous sporty teenagers. Young parents overwhelmed by financial and other responsibilities think they need to wait to decorate their home until the kids are grown. I believe that with a solid design project they can achieve the home of their dreams and enjoy living and bringing up their children surrounded by comfort and beauty that is also practical.

Make the decision

Either way there is a recipe to bring it all together to cater for the needs and tastes of everyone who calls the house home. Whatever the requirements everyone should have the joy of living in a beautiful home that is imbued with the unique personalities of its occupants. After all every moment of every day is precious and should be lived to the full. So why wait, make a plan to live your dream now.

Remember the difficult part is done…you have the four walls and you have the dreams and desires, we only need to find a way of bringing it all together. Next we are going to look at ways to achieve your dream home. Please feel free to send us your comments or questions.


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