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Roisin Duffy… my working day

09 Jul Roisin Duffy… my working day


My working routine starts off with me leaving my house, and walking ten paces to my studio. Lights on, kettle on for the first of numerous coffees, iPod on, playlist selected. These are the essentials.

My music varies wildly, I’m in a Spanish pop and bluegrass phase at the moment, but that’s open to change. The only constant is that there must be music – preferably at very high volume. I’ve no neighbours for miles anyway so no one complains.

The kettle boils, coffee is made – which is the cue for my cat Jess to appear at the door, he has figured out that kettle boiled equals milk for coffee, and also milk for Jess. He gets his milk quota, and settles down on the nearest soft surface for a snooze – the high-volume music doesn’t seem to bother him.

Now the real work starts. I work with acrylic, which is fast-drying, so once I mix a colour I must apply it, and all subsequent lighter layers mixed from it, without stopping. If I stop, and the paint dries, it’s impossible to get that exact mix again. So don’t ring me, don’t visit, don’t even text unless it’s a dire emergency for the next few hours! Only once all of that colour mix has been applied can I take a break. Then it’s kettle on, more coffee for me, more milk for Jess, then back to work.

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