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14 Jan The life of a jewellery designer… Annette Marshall

I am a designer/maker of silver jewellery living and working in the Cotswolds. My work has many different influences from nature to art. I take a lot of inspiration from my interactions with nature and the world around me. Living in the Cotswolds and having two young children has given me the opportunity to explore the British countryside, observing the flora and fauna around me. Spending a lot of leisure time in Cornwall, with my family, has allowed me insight into the natural beauty of beaches, rock pools, cliff tops, long sandy...

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The rural environment greatly influences my painting. I live in an agricultural landscape of crop fields which change throughout the seasons. These planes of colour and texture have informed my work since 2002. As I mostly paint outdoors my daily routine includes planning hikes and packing my art materials while trying to keep the rucksack as light as possible. This I have learned the hard way, many years ago I would bring a drawing board and stool on top of art materials and still remember painful trekking across the dunes of...

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Jane Jermyn will represent Ireland in the upcoming International Ceramics Symposium in Barcelona, August 2016. She will work alongside a number of internationally acclaimed ceramic artists.  These talented ceramicists will work together on a group mural as well as individual ceramic pieces. Their work will be exhibited during the  International Academy of Ceramics Assembly in Barcelona in September. To see Jane Jermyn's work click here ....

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09 Jul Roisin Duffy… my working day

My working routine starts off with me leaving my house, and walking ten paces to my studio. Lights on, kettle on for the first of numerous coffees, iPod on, playlist selected. These are the essentials. My music varies wildly, I’m in a Spanish pop and bluegrass phase at the moment, but that’s open to change. The only constant is that there must be music – preferably at very high volume. I’ve no neighbours for miles anyway so no one complains. The kettle boils, coffee is made – which is the cue for...

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